March 2017
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The anticipation and arrival of a new family member is an exciting time in your household.

As an expectant mother, you'll experience changes throughout your pregnancy that will coincide with the development of your baby. For both moms and dads, it's helpful to understand what's happening with mom physically and emotionally as the pregnancy progresses and your baby grows. Well Aware Babies can help.

Your FREE Well Aware Babies monthly newsletter will:

Provide month-by-month information about the changes you'll experience during your pregnancy and what you can expect as your baby develops

Continue through your baby's first year with month-by-month guidelines on what to expect as your baby grows from infant to toddler

Offer tips on how to prepare for your new arrival

Provide a handy checklist to make the big day (and the months thereafter) go more smoothly

Allow you to download free podcasts of your monthly eNewsletter

Soothe moms and little ones with free, downloadable monthly lullabies in baby's first year

Provide a Parenting Newsletter and Health Reminders for Baby when your child turns one


Well Aware Babies Disclaimer
Every pregnancy is special and every child is unique. Well Aware Babies provides general guidelines and information about the stages of pregnancy and a child's first year. Be sure to consult your doctor for specific information regarding your pregnancy and the health and development of your child.
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