When a child athlete is hurt on the field of play, it’s not always easy for coaches and parents to determine if emergency care is warranted. A pediatric orthopedic surgeon from Goryeb Children’s Hospital provides this guidance – if the child can’t walk or you notice significant swelling or an obvious deformity, you should seek urgent or emergency care. Conversely, if the swelling is minimal and mobility is not impaired beyond a limp, then you can usually wait to see an orthopedist. Seeking the care that’s most appropriate for the injury will ensure the child is able to resume play in the shortest time possible. Read more >

Pediatrics Programs and Screenings

Education and prevention can keep you and your loved ones healthy. We invite you to take advantage of the programs, support groups and screenings available.
Parent Life Skills Training
Parents can learn how to promote positive health and personal development in their children.
Mondays, November 19 through December 17; 5:00 to 6:15pm
Milford Health & Wellness, 111 East Catherine Street, Milford, PA
For more information and to register, please call 570-409-8484, option #4.

Learn skills and knowledge about successfully breastfeeding your newborn.
Fee: $40
Saturday, November 13; 6:30 to 9:00pm
Newton Medical Center, 175 High St, Newton, NJ
For more information, and to register, please call 1-800-247-9580.
Safe Sitter® Baby Sitting Classes
Boys and girls ages 11 to 14 will receive medically accurate, hands-on instruction in pediatric emergency care.
Fee: $60 (includes manual and completion card)
Friday, November 23; 8:30am to 3:30pm or
Thursday, December 27; 8:30am to 3:30pm
For locations, or to register, please call 973-579-8653.

Prepared Childbirth Education
This Lamaze-type class focuses on breathing, relaxation and labor techniques. 
Fee $130
Saturday, December 1; 8:30am to 3:30pm
Newton Medical Center
For more information, and to register, please call 1-800-247-9580.
Baby Care Class
Babies don’t come with instructions. Get ahead of the game by learning how to care for your newborn before he or she is born.
Fee: $30
Tuesday, December 11; 6:30 to 8:30pm
Hackettstown Medical Center, 651 Willow Grove Street, Hackettstown, NJ
For more information and to register, please call 1-800-247-9580.
Car Seat Inspection    
Safe Kids-certified child passenger safety technicians will perform free car seat checks and installations.
Fourth Monday of every month, 10:00am to 1:00pm
Newton Volunteer First Aid and Rescue Squad, 68 Sussex Street, Newton, NJ
For more information, please call 973-383-3377.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Teen Group
This 12-week series will help teens ages 14 to 17 how to deal with challenges in their lives and regular their emotions.
Newton Medical Center, 175 High St, Newton, NJ
For more information, meeting dates and times, please call 973-579-8581. To register, please call 1-888-247-1400.

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